Rev. A. Dubberstein 
Dr. E. H. Pittelko 
In 1891 the Mission Board of Lutheran Churches in Kansas sent the Rev. J. V. Kauffeld of Newton, Kansas, to make an exploratory trip through Oklahoma, and thus became the first Lutheran pastor to preach in Oklahoma. He served at Okarche, Orlando, Guthrie and Oklahoma City. The Rev. M. J. Von der Au after being transferred to the Rock Island territory in 1893 with headquarters in Okarche served Lutherans living at Richland, Piedmont, and El Reno. Services were held in the Canadian County Court House. Later on the work in Piedmont and Richland and El Reno was turned over to The Rev. Burkhardt of Union City. These trips were made for years, in the horse and buggy days.   
Pastor Dubberstein who was later to become the second Pastor of Trinity in El Reno, came from Oklahoma City where he was Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, and conducted services in the Court House. 
The Mission Board decided to heed the plea of some of the faithful members in El Reno to begin regular services and to place a full-time man into the El Reno field. How grateful we should be that God permits us to enjoy the presence and the whole hearted support of some of these charter members, which were the nucleus of Trinity in El Reno.  
Although Trinity congregation was not organized and incorporated until October of 1931, nevertheless, the mission was opened and regular services were begun when the District Board called The Rev. E. H. Pittelko, Pastor of a congregation in Prince Albert, Sask., Canada, to become missionary-at-large. The first service was conducted on June 28th, 1931. 
God richly blessed the faithful labors of the young energetic Pastor and the faithful consecrated and forward-looking members. Although services began late in June, nevertheless, the Pastor was able to confirm two adult classes before the end of the year, one class of ten and another of 9 adults. 
If there had been any doubt as to whether or not El Reno would become a permanent place in the field of our Lord's work, this doubt was removed by now. The Constitution was adopted and signed by these men on October 9, 1931 
Front row: Leo Wiese, Edwin Lemke, Arnold Wittkopp,  
Children: Louis Bomhoff, Yvonne Bomhoff, Margie Bomhoff, Doreen Bomhoff, Bernice Bomhoff and Pastor Pittelko. 
Mid row: Richard Wiese 3 Wittkopp boys and Amanda Wittkopp 
Back row: John and Gladys Bomhoff. Mrs. Paul Sanders, holding Beverly, Mrs. Faeber, Emil Wiese.
Trinity was about to push the walls out of the little church on Hoff Avenue, and the congregation saw the need and also its ability to build its own house of worship.  
While the congregation was planning the new building the former members of Union City made the offer to pay the difference and make it a full basement, rather than a half-basement, as it was first decided upon. The congregation at Union City had lost its parsonage by fire. The money from the insurance and also the money from the church building was applied on the full basement and on part payment of the organ in the new church. 
It was in the same year, on November 4, 1938 that the congregation purchased the parsonage on the northeast corner of Wade and Williams. This served as the parsonage until 1949. 
On April 16, 1939, the new church of Trinity Lutheran Congregation, El Reno, was dedicated to the glory of God and the spread of the Gospel of the beautiful Savior. Three special services were held.  
After ten years of faithful and successful service in the Lord's Kingdom at El Reno, The Rev. E. H. Pittelko accepted the call to Fairmont, Oklahoma. According to his records the farewell service was conducted on June 8, 1941. The congregation extended a call to  Rev. A. C. Dubberstein, then Pastor at Ardmore, Oklahoma and who had previously served the El Reno congregation before it was organized. Pastor Dubberstein accepted the call and served until his death in January of 1949.   
 In 1961, Trinity again saw the need to build and the present church located at 500 South Country Club Road was dedicated to the Glory of God.   
After 80 years, Trinity Lutheran still serves Lutherans in the area, with the Rev. Donald R. Hefta as the Pastor. Before coming to Trinity, El Reno, Rev. Hefta served parishes in Tampa, FL and Garland, TX.  
At present, Josh Hoffman is the Director of Christian Education graduating from Concordia University, St. Paul and installed June 8, 2008. 
Also, Trinity re-established its Preschool, along with its existing Parentís Day Out (2004) program.  
Our new Outdoor Recreational Commons (ORC) was dedicated Sunday, October 15, 2006. This is a combination of a playground required for State of Oklahoma pre-school certification, a recreation area for our youth programs and a family gatherings area.  
        SERVANTS OF TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH                                                                                            
Rev. Elmer H.Pittelko ( 06/18/31  -  06/08/41)    
 Rev. Armin C.Dubberstein   (07/01/41 - 01/07/49) 
Rev. Robert P. Biel    (05/08/49  -   04/08/56)  
 Rev. Oscar Horn    (06/10/56  - 10/05/58) 
Rev. Carl F. Schmidt  ( 01/04/59 -  02/23/64) 
Rev. Harold W.Kamman    (5/03/64  -  05/31/75) 
Rev. Earl D. Phillip  (10/26/75 -  08/28/88)  
Rev. Mark P. Grunst   ( 01/22/89 - 11/30/91)   
Rev. Steven L. Tischer (12/12/93  -  04/12/98)  
Rev. Bruce Morant     (06/28/98 -  8/31/01) 
Rev. Donald Hefta   (01/05/03 - 10/1/2018) 
Jo Ann Wittmer, (Youth Dir.Internship) ( 05/28/72 - 05/18/73) 
Peter F. Seyfarth, D.C.E. ( 08/12/73 -  01/01/77) 
William P. Eickhoff,   D.C.E. ( 05/22/77 -  08/17/80)   
Steven L. Pickel, D.C.E.( 03/22/81 -  09/00/89) 
Steve Durheim  D.C.E. ( 01/09/00 - 12/31/02) 
Carlee Gatlin  (Youth  Director)  ( 08/10/03 - 08/31/05) 
Josh Hoffman D.C.E. (06/08/08 - 01/13/13) 
Katy Wozniak D.C.E. (09/07/2014- (01/24/16)