Sunday School starts at 9:15 a.m.   
Adult Classes, Children Classes are available for 3 yrs. to 6th grade, 7 & 8 grades and Sr. High School. 
Remember, there is an adult in the nursery during Sunday school to watch children up to 3 years.  
Sunday School Teacher 
We currently have 4 youth classes: 
Please prayerfully consider lending a hand. 
1st-4th grade, 
5th-7th grade 
8th-12th grade. 
If you would like to help out with one of these age groups, contact Loren O’Hara. 
JCPlayZone has all of the ingredients of a typical children's Web site — games, crafts, coloring pages, and much more  but with a Christian perspective.  
This perspective is integrated throughout the site, making it a truly interactive Web site designed to engage children in a safe online environment. 
The JCPlayZone website is offered by Lutheran Hour Ministries as a safe online play space for children ages 2-6 and their parents. 
Sunday School and Youth News 
August is the month that most schools start their new year, and everyone gets back into their usual routine. 
All the kids and some young adults are preparing to go back to school to learn how to survive in this world. Think about how much time and money is spent on earthly education that can be used maybe a 100 years. Now think how much time and money is spent on Heavenly education that will be used forever. Have we grown since confirmation class? Do we nourish our immortal souls like we do our mortal bodies?  
Will the attendance at the public schools drop to almost no one like the attendance at Sunday School has? There are teachers ready to teach Jesus was crucified for us. That is the most important thing that a person can learn, and it will take them to a place higher than the highest degree will ever take a person. 
Make plans now to get into a routine of coming to Sunday School at 9:15am every Sunday morning. No matter what age you are you will learn something. We have classes for all ages! 
Is Sunday School Important  
Sunday school is important in the spiritual development of Christians because it provides a forum for learning. This forum is comprised of students and teachers. Sunday School encourages spiritual interaction between the students and the teachers, as well as providing a comprehensive way of learning as a group. Ephesians 4:11, includes teachers within the five-fold ministry of the church. “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers”. Sunday School/Christian Education is a vital part of the anointing of this office and God's plan for the church. While the pastor is called to preach the Word unto Salvation, the teacher is called to bring further understanding of God's Word.  
Sunday School sets the stage for better understanding. It is a comprehensive way of learning from one another and to receive encouragement to live by God's Word. Sunday School literature is usually designed to meet the needs of each specific age group, including singles, college/career, and novice Christians. The curriculum completes the link between the teacher, the commentary writer, and students. Curriculum may be formatted to meet specific topics or themes, relative to Christian faith. Sunday School attendance also provides an effective opportunity for Christian growth. Study materials can assist students and teachers in gaining revelation and understanding of the scripture text.  
Sunday School is important because it provides additional opportunities in the fellowship for learning. Visitors, new members, and other church members can get to know one another better in this setting. People in the community are looking for a real church with real people who care about them. Sunday School provides a great opportunity of developing friendships and trust, which tends to make attendees more committed to the church and its vision.  
In conclusion, local pastors rely on the Christian Education Department to “fill the gap” to build strong support groups to effectively reach the community. Each class member has an opportunity to ask questions or express their viewpoints. The teachers have the opportunity to teach the word and explain the direction and vision of the church. Each class is an extension of the church as a whole and is committed to developing a strong body through spiritual growth.                         
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