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Trinity Preschool   PDO TitlePreLamb  
3 - 4 Year old Preschool Programs 
Monday thru Friday 
8:15 am - 3:15 pm 
Open Monday - Wednesday - Friday   9:00 am - 2:00 pm 
Open to church members/public   
(transportation not provided) 
Call 405-262-7116 for more information 
 From your Early Childhood Programs… 
From your Early Childhood Programs… 
Our 2017-18 school year is almost over… It has been a good school year, and we have had another great group of little angels and parents. We want to thank these families for giving us the privilege of having their child in our Early Childhood Programs. They have been a blessing to us! Pre-School Graduation will be May 17th, at 7pm. Everyone is welcomed to come and see what we have learned this year. 
There are so many people that help our little world go around. Thank you, Pastor, Board of Education, Trustees, Elders, and our church members for your support. Thank you to Barb Hefta, and Brenda Peoples for all your help at our crazy lunch time!!! Thank you to the Twilley family for keeping our building so clean, smelling fresh and as germ free as possible. It’s not an easy job, and we thank you! We appreciated you all so much, and please forgive me if I have left anybody out!!! 
I also want to thank our teachers…you all are AWESOME! Thank you, Debbie, Ashley, Trina, Billie Jean, Madelyn, and Sarah. You don’t know how much I appreciate you all, especially during the time of John’s illness and death. I can always depend on you all to keep everything running smoothly when I have to be gone. I don’t know what I would do without you all. God, Bless You! 
We will be back in August with a full house in both our Preschool and Parent’s Day Out programs. God’s blessings continue to pour into our Early Childhood Programs, and we give him the glory!                                                         
Have a blessed summer! 
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